Top 10 Successful Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India 2022

There are various business ideas for women entrepreneurs for starting their business opportunities

India has witnessed a remarkable growth in the number of business ideas for women entrepreneurs in the last few decades. Women today are striding into almost every industry and sector by their entrepreneurial abilities. So, we have presented some of the key business ideas for women for them to choose and grow as an entrepreneur, depending on their skills and passion.

They must believe in their goal. Have done well planning and never gave up by fearing any problems they had. What I mean is that it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme or something. It takes time, patience, and hard work.

If you are ready to give your best, like them. Then let’s see some of the best start-up ideas to get started.

1. Home-based catering business:

Women who like cooking and always wanted to be a chef. For them, this can be a great opportunity. This could be very beneficial if you know some little business. Because being profitable as a catering may be challenging at first. Once, you get an idea of how things are working. You can boost this business. One can take orders for birthday parties, anniversaries, kitty parties, and more.

2. Bakery Business:

The demand for bakery products like cakes is on a rise. A bakery business is a small-scale business that can easily be started from home. If you love to do experimenting with some delicious batters. A little expertise and a little investment in a few types of equipment are all you need to get your business running.

You can start by making cakes, bread, and cupcakes initially. Then promote yourself on a few social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You may ask friends and families for recommendations.

3. Blogging:

Blogging is one of the most suitable business ideas for women entrepreneurs at home. The good part is that you can work flexible hours as per your wish. You just need is to build a website and write articles about anything you like.

Once you become able to bring enough visitors every month, you’ll start earning. People get paid to do this and it’s a great idea. You can start a blog depending on the interest you have like food blogging, travel blogging, beauty blogging, photography blogging child care blogging, etc.

4. Proofreading:

Proofreading ensures that written content is free of any typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, formatting errors. The proofreader uses his judgment, skill, knowledge, and experience in checking that the work of an author, editor, and designer/typesetter is satisfactory, marking amendments. People want to be sure and confident that their important text is error-free, and find it worth choosing a professional as a proofreader.

5. Selling products on E-commerce platforms:

Thanks to e-commerce, selling and buying products can be done right within the comforts of your home. Gone are the days when you needed to step out of your home to get your errands done. With technology, everything is just at your fingertips.

Selling products online on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart is another lucrative small business idea for women entrepreneurs. Online e-commerce sites like Etsy enable women to make earnings by displaying their creativity. You can easily get vendors for handcrafted products like soaps, candles, and homemade artifacts.

6. Handmade Jewelry:

Handmade jewelry is made by an artist without the use of mass-manufacturing machines. Jewelry is a very saturated market but to think the best way to stand out is to be authentic, trust your design instincts, and listen to your customers.

7. Stitching and embroidery work: 

Women with little or no education can get into the stitching and embroidery business. This is a skill that most women in the rural area have and can make good money with it. Embroidery handwork is valued in the market and one can make good money selling it online.

8. Bookkeeping and Accountancy Work:

It has always been observed how good women are with finances. From housewives to CFAs finance and accounts is something women are killing. Accountancy firms can be an amazing small business idea for women entrepreneurs in today’s times.

9. Sell on Amazon:

Amazon is a platform where anyone can open an online shop. Even though it feels like a complicated thing to do, it is straightforward. You can find good deals on products at offline or physical stores and resell them on Amazon for a higher price. Revenues from online sales have continued to grow significantly.

If you are having trouble getting started with your venture on Amazon, we have just the right solution for you. Appy Pie Academy has a fantastic course where you can enroll for free and learn how to start an e-commerce business.

10 Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is advertising performance-based marketing in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party affiliate simply searches for a product, then promotes that product, and earns a piece of the profit from each sale the company makes. These days affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways by which people make money online and it can be a passive income once established.

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