Top 10 Jobs for Women Over 50 in the Year 2023


Do women in their fifties have diversity in their jobs? Here are the top 10 jobs for older women.

If a woman has been out of the workforce for some time, she may find that midlife is the ideal moment to change careers or find new employment. 72% of women in their fifties have jobs as of October 2022, indicating that the employment rate for women is high. Even among this age group, unemployment is still low, which is encouraging for older women in the workforce. Even with no gaps on your CV, getting a job as an older women might be challenging, although some professions are better suited to this group. Here are the top 10 jobs for middle-aged women over 50 years.

1. Real Estate Agent

More than 60% of those who work in real estate full- or part-time are women, and the average age of an agent is 54. Depending on their preferred working styles, new licensees have a variety of brokerage firms to pick from. As they only work with wealthy clients and make more money in densely populated areas, real estate brokers make a variety of salaries.

2. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors meet a need among people of all ages who wish to learn how to increase their money over time. Women who are interested in this rapidly expanding field of work must possess finance degrees and extensive financial experience, which comes with age. Financial advisors benefit from having a background in sales and customer service when attracting new clients.

3. Nurse

The nursing field is still expanding faster than all other occupations combined, making this career choice for women over 50 a feasible and potentially rewarding one. When women achieve advanced certifications and degrees, the field also gives them a lot of prospects for promotions and pay rises.

4. Occupational Therapist

Since baby boomers and people with disabilities are living longer, healthier lives and need therapy to improve their quality of life, the specialty of occupational therapy is another in the health sector that is dominated by women. But, women over 50 who want to work in the even faster-growing field of occupational therapy help can become job-ready by earning an associate’s degree in occupational therapy from an authorised community college.

5. Personal Trainer

Women over 50 can work as personal trainers thanks to the variety of clients seeking fitness instruction, including baby boomers. A personal trainer certification can help older women with backgrounds in sports and fitness find jobs rapidly. To get fit and earn a living by inspiring others on their fitness journey, some people also pursue certifications in fitness training.

6. Curriculum Developer

Women who have extensive training or teaching experience in businesses can work as curriculum creators. Curriculum developers now have more opportunities to work as contractors or for businesses because to the growth in online learning.

7. Freelance Writer

To manage their income, freelance writers can pick and choose which clients to work with. Writing content that is search engine optimised, marketing materials, articles for newspapers and magazines, and educational materials are just a few of the specialist options available to freelance writers. Women over 50 who enjoy writing can benefit from the many advantages of being a freelancer, including the ability to make money while travelling.

8. Tutor

The ideal candidates for tutoring positions are formerly certified teachers and college professors. By registering with online tutoring services and assisting students online, some tutors can earn money. Others provide one-on-one, in-home work with private customers. The best possibilities for earning competitive pay are for tutors who have an in-depth understanding of in-demand areas like math, science, and foreign languages in addition to proficiency with standardised test prep.

9. Counselor

As more public and community organisations provide these services to members of the community, the need for counsellors and therapists grows. In order to pursue jobs as counsellors or therapists, women over the age of 50 should get master’s degrees in their chosen fields, such as substance addiction, marriage, family, or children.

10. Personal Chef

A financially rewarding vocation for women over 50 that combines excellent cooking abilities and house calls is a personal chef. Market your services to attract regular clientele for personal chefs. Some personal chefs have developed their businesses by creating, promoting, and instructing cooking classes.

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