Top 10 FemTech Trends to Watch Out for in 2023


FemTech trends are creating health awareness and closing the gender health gap

FemTech is a quickly developing industry. Innovations are being made to help people manage menopause and their periods, as well as to address health awareness gaps and IVF procedures, in an effort to close the gender health gap and empower a younger generation. Women’s health has been neglected in the investment world for too long due to misconceptions about hormones and menstruation as well as period myths. Here are the top 10 femtech trends over time.

1. Hormone Literacy

Growth of technologically advanced hormone health treatments. Hormones have a terrible reputation but in truth, they are more advanced and clever than we have ever given them credit for. Hormones control a variety of bodily functions, including sleep, hunger, blood pressure, heart rate, conception, and libido.

2. Concentrate on Crippling Chronic Diseases

Women who suffer from chronic ailments are often in dire need of new ideas. Traditional medicine makes women feel misunderstood and let down. Many times, their symptoms go unnoticed or untreated. This is made worse by the existing medical bias, as male physiology has always been used as the standard in trials and studies. Businesses that actively address the issues raised by complex situations that have an influence on women’s health and livelihoods are likely to have an impact.

3. Contraception Alternatives

Women are becoming more engaged in exploring alternative, non-hormonal, and holistic contraception choices. To continue the development of digital contraception, Natural Cycles has raised around $37.5 million. There will be an increase in people who want to talk about new options for contraception.

4. Embedded Devices and Home Diagnostics

Better results will come from ongoing wearable technology innovation to enhance the women’s health experience. Elvie, the Bluetooth-enabled breast pump, has grown steadily and has amassed over $150 million in funding. Through the collection of more detailed data, at-home diagnostic testing of important and specific markers enables greater comprehension.

5. Fertility Automation and Acceleration

Embryologists are in limited supply all around the world. IVF experts in the handling, cultivation and preservation of eggs, sperm, and embryos are known as embryologists. It is anticipated that the global IVF market would increase from $638 million in 2021 to $987 million in 2026, a 10% annual growth rate. People are investing more than ever in their fertility health due to factors including the older average age of first pregnancy, declining fertility rates, the prevalence of male infertility, the rise in egg freezing, and more.

6. Biometric Data

Data has long been referred to as “the new oil,” and its potency is only growing. The collection of biometric data will enable the advancement of clinical trials, research, and development, as well as more patient transparency. The popularity of ChatGPT has grown. There have been reports of increased accuracy and speed in AI-written messages.

7. Sustainable and Homoeopathic Consumer Brands with Technology

Homeopathy is referred to as an alternative kind of medicine that is predicated on the idea that natural remedies may heal people. As an illustration of sustainability, one pack of standard sanitary towels apparently contains the same amount of plastic as four plastic bags, and it takes roughly 500 years for one of these bags to decompose. Planera is the first startup in the world to provide zero microplastics and zero overall pollution.

8. Health “insurtech” and Digital Healthcare Services

There will be an increase in female investment in new private healthcare and digital healthcare businesses as the UK’s National Health Service continues to face challenges. There is room for new health insurtech companies that use digital services and concentrate on patient experience, and particularly in timely treatment.

9. Mental Health Support & Community

Women-focused groups that offer guilt- and shame-free mental health support for a variety of health conditions, such as menopause, postpartum, and recurrent chronic illnesses, to mention a few, will continue to grow. Startups like Postpartum Plan will continue to flourish.

10. Women Safety Tech

Companies with a goal of ensuring the safety of women and girls have a lot of unoccupied space to fill as long as this issue is a priority. Violent crimes, kidnappings, and sex trafficking are all on the upswing. Safety equipment and other cutting-edge technology might work nicely.

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