Top 10 Female-Led 3D Printing Startups to Explore in 2023


Top 10 female-led 3D printing startups in 2023. These women are revolutionizing the printing technology

Women entrepreneurs are making great advances in the fast-paced field of 3D printing, pushing the boundaries of creativity and printing technology. As we are nearing the end of 2023, it’s necessary to shed a light on the top 10 female-led 3D printing startups that are ready to transform sectors and redefine what’s possible with additive manufacturing. These groundbreaking 3D printing startups, led by visionary female executives are at the vanguard of a revolution in manufacturing, healthcare, fashion, and beyond.

In this article, we will delve into the amazing stories and ground-breaking technology behind these firms, showcasing their contributions to the ever-changing environment of 3D printing.


Eythor Bender founded UNYQ, which is redefining the prosthetics industry by fusing 3D printing with cutting-edge designs. Innovating personalized, fashionable prosthetic covers that enable amputees to embrace their identity, CEO Marta Delgado is leading the charge. Because of its dedication to diversity and self-expression, UNYQ is a noteworthy startup to watch in 2023.

2) Wiivv

Wiivv is a 3D printing startup that employs 3D scanning and printing technology to make bespoke insoles and footwear. Shamil Hargovan and Louis-Victor Jadavji established Wiivv. The female-led 3D printing startup’s creative method has been popularized by CEO Lindsay Wear, enabling everyone to experience comfort and support.

3) Cellink

The world’s foremost provider of bioprinting technology, Cellink was established by two women, Lisa Winter and Gitanjali Rao. Cellink’s CEO Erica Törnberg is in charge of carrying out the company’s aim to use 3D printing to advance regenerative medicine and medication research, giving patients all around the world hope.

4) Voxel8

Voxel8, under the direction of CEO Jennifer Lewis, specializes in 3D printing electronic parts. In order to create electronics with distinctive characteristics, this business integrates materials science and 3D printing. This opens the door for breakthroughs in wearable technology, IoT, and other fields.

5) NewPro3D

Tricia Compas-Markman co-founded NewPro3D, a company that is pushing the limits of 3D printing speed. High-speed, high-resolution 3D printers are being developed by CEO Melanie Lang and are used in a variety of fields, including manufacturing and healthcare.

6) Kwambio

Kate Kuznetsova established Kwambio, a 3D printing startups that enables designers and artists to produce and market their unique items. By using 3D printing, CEO Kuznetsova is facilitating the creation of reality for creators.


Hélena Mendes co-founded CELLINK, a company that dominates the bioprinting industry and is now directed by CEO Élodie Delvaux. Through cutting-edge 3D printing technologies, the company is committed to promoting tissue engineering and pharmaceutical research.

8) Tangible Solutions

Maggie Rogers co-founded Tangible Solutions, a company that specializes in offering 3D printing services to the medical sector. Patient-specific implants and surgical instrumentation are improving because to CEO Maggie’s dedication to accuracy and quality.

9) LulzBot

CEO Rupa Shah is in charge of Aleph Objects, the organization that created LulzBot. Open-source 3D printers are created by LulzBot to meet the demands of professionals, educators, and makers. Their dedication to open-source concepts has helped to create a thriving community of 3D printing aficionados.

10) Vshaper

Julia Wolska is the CEO of Vshaper, a Polish maker of 3D printers noted for its industrial-grade 3D printing solutions. Businesses looking to integrate 3D printing into their operations frequently turn to the company because of its emphasis on accuracy and dependability.


These female-led 3D printing startups are exhibiting exceptional inventiveness and commitment in changing the industry’s future. These firms are pushing the boundaries of what 3D printing can achieve, from bioprinting to personalized footwear and high-speed printing. Their success stories serve as an inspiration not only for aspiring female entrepreneurs, but also for anybody with an interest in technology and creativity.

These startups demonstrate how diversity and inclusivity foster new viewpoints and drive innovation in the 3D printing industry. It will be intriguing to witness how their contributions effect many businesses and society as a whole as they continue to improve and disrupt traditional manufacturing methods. Keep a watch on these top 10 female-led 3D printing startups in 2023 if you’re a 3D printing fan or simply interested in the future of technology.

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