Top 10 Coding Programs for Women and Girls


Top 10 coding courses for women and girls to enhance their programming skills and abilities

Making sure that women and girls have access to the tools and opportunities necessary for success in these disciplines is crucial as the need for technology and programming skills rises every day. Although the computer sector has historically been dominated by men, a number of coding courses for women and girls are now available with the goal of promoting gender equality in the business and increasing diversity.

The coding abilities of women can be advanced in these programs, gain confidence, and network with like-minded professionals in the field in a welcoming and inclusive environment. The best 10 coding courses for women and girls will be discussed in this article, along with a description of their special characteristics and advantages.

1. Girls Who Code

One of the most well-known coding initiatives for girls, Girls Who Code, aims to eliminate the technological gender gap. For females in grades 3 through 12, the programme provides free summer camps and after-school clubs. For girls in grades 10 and 11, it also offers a college immersion programme. Girls Who Code is devoted to creating a welcoming community of female programmers, offering mentorship and job possibilities to programme graduates.

2. Black Girls Code

Another well-known coding initiative, Black Girls Code, aims to provide girls of color with the tools they need to succeed in the computer industry. For females aged 7 to 17, the programme includes workshops, summer camps, and after-school programmes with a focus on introducing them to various coding languages and technological tools. They collaborate with tech firms to assist programme graduates in finding internships and jobs.


Aiming to increase access to computer science education for all students, the nonprofit organization focuses on underrepresented groups in the tech industry. The company provides free coding lessons for kids of all ages as well as several tools and resources for instructors. To give students more resources and opportunities, has also worked with businesses like Microsoft and Google.

4. TechGirlz

As a nonprofit, TechGirlz provides middle school girls with seminars and camps that emphasize the practical application of technology and hands-on learning. A wide range of technology-related topics is covered in the program, including game development, cybersecurity, and web design. For teenage girls interested in pursuing tech jobs, TechGirlz also provides a mentorship programme.

5. Girls in Tech

A worldwide nonprofit group called Girls in Tech offers assistance and services to women working in the tech industry. The organization provides a range of activities, programs, and networking opportunities, such as courses on certain skills. A yearly conference organized by Girls in Tech brings together women from all around the world to talk about the latest developments in the tech sector.

6. Girls Teaching Girls to Code

A programme called Girls Teaching Girls to Code, run by Stanford University, aims to empower and inspire young women to enter the digital industry. For high school females, the programme provides free coding seminars taught by female Stanford undergraduates. The goal of Girls Teaching Girls to Code is to foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where girls may develop their coding abilities.

7. Kode with Klossy

Supermodel Karlie Kloss established the free coding course Kode with Klossy, which aims to educate girls between the ages of 13 and 18. A mentorship program, employment chances, weekend coding sessions, and summer camps are all provided under the programme. Kode with Klossy focuses on creating a community of female programmers and giving girls from all backgrounds access to resources and opportunities.

8. The Ladybug Project

For females aged 8 to 14, The Ladybug Project, a nonprofit organization, offers coding seminars and camps. For girls to learn coding skills and gain confidence, the programme seeks to establish a fun and interesting environment. The curriculum of The Ladybug Project encompasses a range of coding languages and applications.

9. Made with Code

Google’s Made with Code programme encourages and supports female students of computer science. The programme offers a range of coding challenges, tools, and mentorship opportunities with a focus on encouraging innovation and creativity in the tech sector.

10. Skillcrush

A coding programme called Skillcrush was created to offer accessible and reasonably priced education in the computer industry. With a focus on developing useful coding skills and offering career help, the programme offers a variety of courses and seminars for women. Additionally, programme participants can access a welcoming community through Skillcrush.

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