The Top 10 Women Travel Podcasts You Should Know About

Podcasts by women

Travel podcasts by women travelers have been inspiring women to go on adventure rides

One of the finest forms of media to use before, during, and after trips to organise and process new travel experiences is a travel podcast. I myself writing this article might be partial because I’m not a podcaster, but I do really enjoy listening to podcasts by women, especially while I’m on the road on a long journey. To listen for inspiration and amusement, all you need are your headphones.

In the upcoming ten years, the tourism landscape will alter, and I’m not only talking about Venice submerging. Before the pandemic, when food poisoning was the worst illness you might contract on a flight, we travelled to forge connections with others, experience other cultures, and vent our resentment at cab drivers who sped off with our change. Travel was as much about adventure rides as it was about relaxation, so it’s moderately alarming that so many travel podcasts only last for two or three episodes.

Now that there are innumerable travel podcasts available, you’re seeking a suggestion or some insider information to help you decide which ones are worthwhile. The listener must be taken to a new location, whether it be the Serengeti or a state park south of Sacramento, for a successful travel show to succeed. Each podcast on this list does a different job of capturing the excitement of a journey. By successfully modifying their forms throughout the epidemic, they demonstrate that the travel podcast format is resilient and can withstand any turbulence that may come their way.

Podcasts are a terrific resource for travellers and appeal to fans of themed storytelling, true crime stories, and unsettling cults. Long flights, airport delays, midnight trains, or pre-trip research are all ideal opportunities to plug in your headphones, relax, and learn some travel tips. These are the locations to carry it out.

1. Girl About The Globe

The podcast for solitary female travellers, Girl about the Globe, is here to welcome you. Enabling single female travel with the most adventure and the least impact.

2. Oh My! Travel Podcast

The Oh My! Travel Podcast is hosted by Jeanine Romo, a pro at travelling alone as a woman, packing for months at a time with only a carry-on, and is created by Martha Espinoza. Join them as they discuss off-the-beaten-path locations, tools for planning your next trip, safety in solo travel, the best rooftop bars, delectable street food, picture-perfect vistas, and more with sporadic guests. They will also share insightful experiences and hilarious stories.

3. The Solo Female Traveller Podcast

This podcast for solo female travellers is hosted by Lu Colmenares, who also serves as a life coach by sharing stories from her extraordinary experiences.

4. Black Girl World Traveller

Travel is challenging. It’s challenging for women to travel. Being a black lady travelling is different! The blog Black Girl World Traveller covers a wide range of topics, including being a black woman travelling alone, paying for trips, living abroad, and everything in between.

5. Solo Women RV Podcast

Kathy Belge is the host of the podcast for single women who camp, RV, and live in vans called The Solo Women RV Podcast. Kathy conducts interviews with women who camp, live in vans, or do solitary RV trips every week. The podcast provides advice for aspiring, experienced, and new solo female travellers as well as their loved ones.

6. Solo Women Travel Tribe Podcast with Xena

To help you learn more about travelling and being your best self, solo travel and personal development are combined. I’m on a quest to use travel to empower women! Learn from, get inspired by, connect with, and exchange ideas with other solo female travellers throughout the world.

7. ontheroadcast

Marina is her name. During the pandemic, she resigned from her position to travel. As a result, this podcast is a combination of her on-the-road interviews with inspirational people and her inner thoughts as a solitary female traveller.

8. Travelling Inside Out

Join 30-year-old lone female traveller Alina on her quest to learn about, experience, and comprehend the world. She motivates you to leave your comfort zone and start pursuing your aspirations by sharing her travel and challenge stories. The podcast Traveling Inside Out is all about discovering the world from the inside out.

9. Many Roads Travelled

The travel podcast that accompanies you on grand road excursions using public transportation or hitchhiking! Come along on the voyage if you enjoy female travel, adventurous travel, solo female travel, or just travel in general! Each episode will cover a single city, nation, or region, and I’ll include both travel advice for women travelling alone and general travel advice for the region I’ll be covering.

10. Solo Female Van Life Podcast | Divine On The Road

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to travel the world in a space only 70 square feet? Sydney takes you along on a solo female road trip in a van in “My Solo Road.” She discusses issues like safety, money, and loneliness while also telling tales of her journey to this point and living on the road.

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