How Women Entrepreneurs are making the best out of social media?

Women Entrepreneurs

Women in social media have been getting stronger. Women in business are established online

Women in social media have been effectively taken over by women entrepreneurs. For instance, Kriti Gupta, a 31-year-old woman from Jaipur, has a busy morning. While her child needs her attention, she also needs to get her daughter ready for school. The female entrepreneur‘s phone rings amid all of this commotion. An Instagram notification has arrived.

The woman in business sold soap on the social networking app, and one of her customers sent her a thank-you note for the swift delivery and excellent quality of the product. Gupta is a social media entrepreneur who has established a respectable brand of personalized products and soaps.

Sara Zafar Mir is working hard to earn her own money in Karachi, Pakistan, 500 kilometers away. She has a small web empire of her own, just like Gupta. She specializes in high-end baby items, and she prefers Facebook as her social media outlet. She offers custom baby outfits and postpartum care packages to her more than 150,000 followers, all of whom are prospective customers, every day with the press of a button. She is the leader of this and the parent of two young preteens.

She stated: “I am fortunate to have an understanding spouse and in-laws who go above and above to assist me in my career. My two children support me in my business. Being able to rely on family when necessary is wonderful.”

Despite the fact that Gupta and Mir are divided by the Pakistan-India border, they are more alike than different. They both are part of the new wave of South Asian businesswomen who are dominating social media.

Globally, more than 4.26 billion individuals use social media, and by 2027, that figure is expected to reach approximately six billion. A fresh, vibrant market is developing there, and South Asian women entrepreneurs are coming to tap into this brand-new consumer base. They are dismantling patriarchal norms and prejudices that have long dominated South Asian societies.

Gupta only sells her items through Instagram. Despite only having 760 Instagram followers, she has already attracted a few loyal and repeat clients. Over 25 unique natural soap kinds are available from Gupta. Gupta’s products are currently available across India, and kids love them for their unique and vibrant patterns.

Her customized hampers are very popular and are frequently requested in large quantities through WhatsApp and Instagram for special occasions. She made the decision to start with Instagram since she knew that starting a website or a physical business would entail a significant time and financial commitment.

The bulk of her customers place orders over WhatsApp and Instagram DMs and utilize online payment methods like Google Pay or PayTm. Gupta also talked about how she was able to connect with her target audience by using the appropriate hashtags and trending reels. Instagram’s graphic layout has made it easier for company owners like Gupta to engage with their clients.

Since she started her business in 2013, Mir’s in Pakistan has developed to the point where she can now support herself. Even if her business is solid and performing well outside of Eid, revenue increases during that time. About 10 to 15 questions are sent to her each week. And a healthy 80% of those result in sales.

Many first-time buyers pay with cash on delivery because it takes time to establish confidence with customers online, but the bulk of her clients uses online payment methods. Mir rarely receives returns or exchanges for her products because she interacts with clients directly and frequently online.

The pandemic has affected economies throughout the world, but it has also opened up new chances for social media companies. In recent years, women-owned enterprises have seen significant growth. And since most families now have a second source of income, their standard of living has increased.

One of the causes is that women typically own start-ups, and social media has been crucial in assisting them in expanding their companies. Social media has given women an equal opportunity to launch their enterprises and maintain a healthy balance between their personal and work lives.

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