How Srinagar Sisters are Generating Employment and Empowering People?


Women entrepreneurs from Srinagar are creating jobs for residents through their garment business.

Two sisters from Srinagar are doing everything in their power to establish themselves as businesses in the summer capital. Through their venture, Haaika Ghalib and Malika Ghalib from Srinagar hope to empower themselves and provide jobs for residents in a region that is severely lacking in employment opportunities.

Haaika, a recent business administration graduate, claimed that she wanted to take a unique approach to the garment business because Kashmir was experiencing growth due to young women entrepreneurs starting numerous ethnic companies.

With her prior work experience and business administration degree, Haaika claimed to have come up with a street-wear brand that appeals to most of the younger generations. Her quest began when, through market research and personal experience, she discovered that there is a sizable untapped market for western clothing, particularly street attire.

After conducting extensive market research and working closely with numerous business partners, the eager entrepreneur created a strategy for her adventure to begin in early 2022. Her company, “Solid Water,” which produces western clothing, quickly became well-known.

She claimed that she wanted to offer through her business what she could find while shopping for comfy attire. People in Kashmir and all of India are interested in western clothing, thus they end up purchasing items at inflated prices. She aimed to offer the same at a reasonable cost while maintaining the quality.

By working with vendors, logistics companies, and other subject-matter experts, Haaika has outsourced the majority of her work. She claimed that when her team selects the material and creates the product, everything is manufactured. Haaika, who has experience working with businesses like Olx and Zomato, claimed that her marketing and communication abilities were helpful in assembling the ideal team and developing this new company.

With the same name, they have started a website. They exclusively use internet media, including their Instagram feed, to conduct all of their business and communicate with clients. She claimed that her company aims to be very open-minded and offer cozy, reasonably priced apparel at the touch of a button. She said that she indirectly employs six people and has a large number of merchants and other associates with her business.

Because there is room for it in the industry, women business owners want to expand internationally. They are appreciative that they were able to receive advice from the appropriate experts who assisted them in overcoming all the obstacles; as a result, the brand has received positive feedback in less than a year. They are receiving online orders, shipping all around India, and fulfilling orders within a week. Aside from that, their parents’ and friends’ unwavering support kept them continuing despite their lack of industry experience.

Empowering women in J&K: Opportunities for women

Gender equality and issues of women’s empowerment were never properly addressed in the past. The Government of India, Ministry of Women and Child Development, has developed a number of programs and plans for the empowerment of women across the nation, including in J&K.

In order to ensure that women have greater access to education and socioeconomic development, the J&K government has initiated a number of efforts to establish a gender-inclusive ecosystem in the Union Territory. By giving women every opportunity to advance and thrive in all spheres of life, we can protect their place in the quest for development.

The administration is making every effort to ensure that women in the UT have social and economic equality, which is essential for its quick growth and development. Building a vibrant community, a resilient state, and a stronger country requires equal representation of women and their development in the technology sector.

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