Here’s the Top Selection Of Indian Femtech Startups for 2022

In India, which is the second most crowded country, with almost 50% of it being women, the idea of FemTech however still in its early stage

Menstruation is as yet thought to be a no and this subject has made a rising degree of obliviousness alongside risky and over-the-top confusion, hurting the individuals who need direction or medical help.

Growing up an enthusiastic voyager, Ida Tin saw that this “issue” was worldwide. With a means to speak loudly for women’s wellbeing, she established an inventive period following application, Clue, and authored the expression “FemTech” to bring issues to light and empower organizations that are exclusively for women. This was in 2016.

Quick forward to where we are today. FemTech is a prospering industry, expected to arrive at USD 71,000 million by 2026. With creative innovations focusing on menstruation issues, pelvic wellbeing, fertility and anti-conception medication, sexual wellbeing, ongoing circumstances, and general medical services, the market is ready to develop at a solid pace of 17% from 2020 to 2026.

In India, which is the second most crowded country, with almost 50% of it being women, the idea of FemTech however still in its early stage, is currently getting momentum. With the expansion in mindfulness about a women’s well-being and body, the nation has seen the ascent of new businesses that arrangement with items and administrations connected with women’s cleanliness and wellbeing. Here’s posting a couple of them that are making an estimable showing in this area of the country.

Here are the most encouraging FemTech organizations in India for 2022.


As a full-stack conceptive wellbeing stage, Zealthy offers tailor-made answers to help couples during their infertility venture. This involves at-home infertility units, fertility training, and direction for techniques like IVF.


SHEROES is a woman just friendly stage enabling clients with a solid, trusted, empathetic, and valuable person-to-person communication environment. The Babygogo and Naaree stages are likewise essential for the SHEROES organization. SHEROES additionally leads the yearly #SHEROESSummit and #TheSHIFT Series, expecting to move the gender account. SHEROES offers an assortment of answers for its endeavor clients, including brand arrangements, SHE – a stage for forestalling inappropriate behavior at work, and an oversaw far-off arrangements program.


Bengaluru-based PregBuddy offers customized care to women from predisposition to the early long periods of life as a parent through wellbeing trained professionals and specialists. Upheld by AI, PregBuddy is additionally named as an endeavor SaaS stage offering care continuum choices for emergency clinics and specialists. Their calculation is routinely refreshed by new information coming from numerous information guides that ready clinicians toward moms needing crisis help.


Niramai is a medical gadget organization offering a product-based answer for the early identification of bosom disease. The compact disease screening device endeavors to supplant customary self-assessment techniques by being mechanized, exact, and at minimal expense. Utilizing protected AI calculations and a without radiation, non-contact imaging technique, the gadget assists physicians with precisely recognizing bosom malignant growth in a torment-free way.

Mind and Mom

As a profound tech organization, Mind and Mom use AI innovations to improve the medical care insight in infertility and pregnancy space. They imagine making an AI-controlled future that empowers women and specialists to settle on information-driven choices, guaranteeing positive well-being results.


Created by Aindra Systems, CervAstra is an AI-controlled reason behind care gadget for disease screening. By joining cutting edge mechatronics, optics, profound learning, and cloud advances, this start to finish framework computerize the malignant growth screening work process by breaking down pap smear (cells from the cervix) tests to distinguish unusual cells and offer the outcomes to oncologists or doctors over the cloud rapidly.


Established in 2018, Carmesi offers the primary local scope of top-notch, all-normal, and bio-degradable cleanliness items for women. Their items incorporate issue alleviation heat patches, tampons, clean cushions, and feminine cups that are protected and maintainable. Their creative sterile cushions are created by joining biodegradable bamboo fiber and corn starch and accompany a resealable removal pack made of crude kraft paper.

Elda Health

Elda Health is a comprehensive, computerized well-being stage offering midlife and well-being answers for women. Given a “you-first” approach, the organization conveys compelling and convenient mental, physical, social, and medical intercessions that arrangement including the period to menopause. In mid-2021, they even raised a $1.5 million seed reserve from Avaana Capital, Orios Ventures, and Ananth Narayanan Family Office.


Ovaika Health is a cutting-edge advanced well-being stage that empowers women to have a solid existence, essentially through mindfulness. They additionally offer women wellbeing and cleanliness items from a cautiously arranged rundown of brands that back up their ethos. The organization is at present chipping away at sending off a virtual center.


CareMother via CareNX Innovations intends to make an advanced wellbeing development biological system for medical services suppliers and pregnant women. This FemTech organization fundamentally offers four items:

  • Fetosense: a remote fetal heart screen (NST/CTG) gadget.
  • BabyBeat: a self-fetal heart-checking answer for home observing.
  • AnandiMaa: an extensive antenatal consideration stage for last-mile care conveyance and high-risk pregnancy on the board.
  • CareMother Pregnancy Tracker and Growth Application

These were a portion of the numerous FemTech organizations that are striving to secure themselves and add to the development of the area. FemTech, has a ton of extensions for development, particularly in the LGBTQ space, and offers medical and emotional well-being help. Nonetheless, the area needs ventures as well, to contend on a worldwide scale too.

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