10 Women in Fintech You Should Know About in 2023


Top 10 empowering women in fintech and their trailblazing entrepreneurship in the fintech industry

Recognizing the remarkable contributions made by women is essential as the fintech industry expands and transforms the financial landscape. A diverse collection of women are leading innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship in the fintech industry in 2023. These pioneers are not just breaking through boundaries but also changing how we think about banking, payments, investments, and other topics.

This article comprises ten amazing women in fintech, ranging from visionary entrepreneurs to influential executives, who are reshaping the sector and opening doors for future generations of female leaders in this exciting and quickly changing business.

1. Anne Boden

First to be on our list of top women in fintech is Anne Boden, the founder, and CEO of Starling Bank, who has been a significant mover behind the shift to digital banking. Her ground-breaking banking method has won her global praise, and Starling Bank has grown to become one of the UK’s top mobile banks. Thanks to Boden’s vision, millions of customers now have seamless banking experiences, which has also created prospects for financial inclusion.

2. Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck is a well-known name in the fintech industry and is famous for supporting women in finance. As the CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, an investment platform created specifically for women, Krawcheck has transformed how women think about investing by addressing their particular requirements and assisting them in achieving financial security.

3. Adena Friedman

As the CEO of the Nasdaq Stock Market, Adena Friedman has played a vital role in advancing the exchange industry’s digital transformation. Her strategic insight and subject-matter knowledge have established Nasdaq as a leading global technology provider, providing cutting-edge solutions that improve market efficiency and transparency.

4. Anne Wojcicki

Anne Wojcicki is the co-founder and CEO of 23andMe, a pioneer in genetic testing. Wojcicki has transformed the healthcare sector under her leadership by giving people access to personalized genetic information. Thanks to the company’s creative strategy, people are now more equipped to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness.

5. Harit Talwar

Marcus by Goldman Sachs, a digital banking platform that has upended conventional banking structures, is led by Harit Talwar as CEO. Under Talwar’s direction, Marcus has become a market leader in consumer banking, providing cutting-edge financial products and services that put the client’s needs and transparency first.

6. Amy Nauiokas

Amy Nauiokas has been at the forefront of fintech venture capital and strategic consultancy services as the founder and CEO of Anthemis Group. Her business is dedicated to funding cutting-edge fintech companies, advancing technology, and encouraging cooperation between established players and upstarts in the financial sector.

7. Maxine Waters

The head of the House Financial Services Committee in the United States, Maxine Waters, has been a vocal proponent of consumer protection and financial regulation. Her legislative actions and leadership have been essential in establishing fair business practices, preserving the interests of consumers, and reshaping the fintech scene.

8. Anne Richards

ANNE RICHARDS IS the CEO of one of the world’s biggest investment management companies, Fidelity International. Richards has played a vital role in advancing Fidelity’s digital transformation by utilizing technology to offer cutting-edge investment solutions and satisfy the changing needs of customers throughout the world.

10. Nikhita Hyett

The co-founder and CFO of the insurtech business Brolly, which uses artificial intelligence to offer tailored insurance advice, is Nikhita Hyett. Through technology and Hyett’s knowledge in finance, Brolly has been able to streamline the insurance process and give customers more control over their coverage choices.

10. Sarah Friar

And lastly, on our list of top ten women in fintech, we have the CEO of Nextdoor, Sarah Friar, who has a plethora of expertise in social media and fintech. Friar’s strategic vision has positioned Nextdoor as a reliable platform for local companies and community participation, supporting economic growth and connectivity as Nextdoor grows its neighborhood-based social platform.

In conclusion, the outstanding accomplishments of these ten women in fintech illustrate the industry-changing potential of female leadership. Their creative solutions, the spirit of entrepreneurship, and dedication to diversity and inclusion pave the path for a financial future that is more equal and technologically advanced. We encourage future generations of women to achieve in fintech and bring about significant change by recognizing and highlighting their successes.

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