How Women are Driving the Social Media Revolution

The world has become a global village, and women are driving the social media revolution to spread information in a short time.

Women are driving the social media revolution as they are far more active on social networks, use them more, and are more participative than men. They’ve adapted better to this new technology, so they’re the ones who are setting trends. Women’s leadership in social networks can tear down old stereotypes and demographic categories, generating a real impact on media, advertisement, and entertainment.

The women are on social networking sites, for instance, they might be uploading a photo on Instagram while liking something on Facebook and sharing a story on LinkedIn. Men, in contrast, tend to have more linear involvement. In general, they are more selective about the conversations they take part in and they tend to share content in similar formats.

Social Media Activism:

The development of social media technologies created various opportunities for the civic population to plead their opinions. It also gave a big line of attack for the movements which needed much response that couldn’t be bought out by the mainstream media. Cyber-activism is a growing field of scholarly research nowadays.

It is argued that the people who have to adequate computer knowledge use the internet and initiate various activities like demonstrations, public protests, etc. Women are driving the social media revolution to spread information in a short time. People indulge in social media to form a network to socialize themselves and stay connected with other people. The message once passed or posted reaches many.

Social Media In Empowering Women:

Social media acts as an alternative media, a platform to share, raise the voice of women when their voice is restricted. Thousands of men joined Cyber-hands to help women, and share their voices in every protest. The subject of empowering women has to be put in the light. Empowerment is necessary to make a bright future for the family, society, and country, to make their own decisions for their dependents. When a person’s voice is silenced, it can be amplified in any other way conceivable thanks to social media.

Impact Of Social Media On Indian Women:

India has a population of 1.2 billion people, with women accounting for roughly half of the population. Thanks to the efforts of various reformers over the century, the status of women in our country has improved in terms of equal rights. Women have occupied important positions in India in the modern era, including President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, top management roles, entrepreneurship, and so on. India, as a country, is making significant strides and cannot afford to overlook women’s empowerment.

Today, technology directly impacts women’s development and has enabled their voices to reach out and be viewed globally. According to a recent report, the Internet is empowering Indian women and is driving the social media revolution by providing them with easy access to information and allowing them to make more educated decisions in their daily lives.

Tackling violence against women through social media tools:

 Women are driving social media revolution by their rights, legal processes, and welfare services have all benefited from the use of social media platforms, which have enabled them to share their stories of violence with other women. HarassMap, an online mapping service that allows victims to anonymously record incidences of sexual harassment directly from their mobile phones, was launched in Egypt in 2010. This crowdsourcing initiative organizes all of the reports and is accompanied by initiatives to raise awareness.

Improve women’s capacity to participate in decision-making and leadership:

 Increasing female leadership in media organizations and decision-making processes can help internet advocacy efforts focused on women’s rights succeed. Strategic partners can help close the policy loop and influence decision-making and public awareness on major women’s rights problems.

The combination of the internet and social media has spawned a new type of woman in India, which has grown substantially over the last decade. There are currently websites dedicated to women’s empowerment, with topics ranging from health to knowledge to lifestyle to education. With the power of social media, women are driving the social media revolution successfully, and finding information about women’s empowerment has never been easier.

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